Monday, December 3, 2007

holiday spirit

We’ve got our Christmas tree up and spent all day Sunday trying to get a picture of you for this years Christmas card. The light in the afternoon is always nice in our apartment and Jon is such a good photographer (especially with his really good camera with the red line on the lens). We must’ve shot about 200 pics. Then we look through them, trying to edit out the bad ones, and just keep going “ohhhh, ohhh, he’s so cute, oh my gosh, look at that one.” We can’t even get rid of the really bad ones because they still make us smile even if you are crying or making sad face or one of your other many funny faces.

We have three stockings up (yours used to be Kitty’s – I just have to change the K to a J), and it smells like fresh pine in here. Jon played Christmas carols when we had our photoshoot (Jackson 5, Sufjan Stevens), the only thing missing was hot chocolate and marshmallows. It even snowed a little bit just for us.

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