Thursday, February 21, 2008

baby's first hospital visit

The Long Island College Hospital, 1899.

Wow. We had a pretty rough week. When I said you seemed to be getting better last weekend I was mistaken. Monday morning we saw a different dr who didn't like your oxygenation levels. We started you on the Prednisone that dr. gordon prescribed, and you got a nebulizer treatment to help you breath. that night I started to feel bad too. So Tuesday morning Mimi came to help out, thank God. At 2:00 we went to your follow-up visit and dr. tholany still didn't like how you were doing. we went to the hospital (Long Island College Hospital on Hicks Street) where you were observed for a little while, had some tests done, and were thankfully released. All we know is that you have a viral infection, not the flu and not rsv, but something else. It just has to run its course. Which is what it is doing now. So you are sad and clingy, still coughy, but in general being a little trooper. I just hope you're fully back to your old sunny self soon.

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