Monday, June 16, 2008

daddy's second father's day!

For a while there, I was thinking this was Daddy's first Father's Day. Then I realized it's not. So for Second Father's Day, I know you wanted to tell him some things so I promised you I would write it down so we wouldn't forget:


1. I love it when you chase me around the room even if you are tired from a hard day at work. You say, "I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you!" and then I giggle and try to crawl away really fast but I keep turning around with a big grin on my face.
2. I love it when you read me bedtime stories, even though I don't really concentrate yet and would rather pull the books off the shelf one by one til I am sitting on a big pile of books. But trust me, I love hearing your voice read all those stories to me. And I will start listening soon, I promise.
3. I love it when you stretch in the morning and you let me crawl all over you, even when you are upside down and I am in the danger zone because you can't see where I am. But I know you would never put your legs down on me and crush me, because you love me so much and I know you will never hurt me.
4. I love it when I am in bed in the morning and I crawl over to your side and pull the blanket to the side and you say "Oh, Good Morning!" and I am so happy to see you first thing in the morning. I grin to show you my seven little teeth and to tell you how happy I am to see you too!
5. You haven't been wrastle-ing with me lately, usually because you get home late, and when we try and wrastle a little, mama says "don't get him all riled up! he's going to bed soon!" and she says it like I'm not right there and can't hear everything she's saying, but maybe this weekend we can catch up.

Love, Jackson

Jon, you are the best father I could ever have imagined. Jackson is the luckiest little boy on earth. We love you - Happy Father's Day!

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Honest Jon said...

Well. Its easy being a great father when your son it so amazingly cute and funny. We had the best day together yesterday hanging out at the park for Gael's party. You were crawling all over me cuz you were afraid of the grass. You kept sticking your hand in my mouth and grabbing my skin with your strong little hands. We just laughed and laughed. I love you!