Thursday, June 26, 2008

happy birthday, Uncle Michael!

Today is your Uncle Michael's birthday. When I told you that you said, oh, can you tell him a couple of things for me?:
1. I love it when you push me around in the little truck that used to be yours. Now I want to be pushed around all the time and I cry when I'm not being pushed around. Mama is not too happy about that.
2. Thank you for rocking me to sleep that one time you and Auntie Gwyn babysat and Mama said it was going to be fine but then I woke up and was screaming and wouldn't stop for 1/2 hour. You were really nice to rock me on your lap and then you were stuck in the chair in my room and didn't want to move me so I'm sorry about that. I won't do that again.
3. I'm so glad you just live about 30 blocks away and we can see you in the park and stuff. I'm lucky for that.
4. Thank you for being the best uncle ever!

Happy Birthday, Michael! We love you!

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