Thursday, June 5, 2008

you have your mama's ankles!

Straight from your great-grandmother, Laura Malcotti Alberetti! Nana was born in Parma, Italy in 1909, and died in 1986. What I remember most about her were her loving hugs. She made the best gnocchi, and cookies, that I have ever tasted. Aunt Lauraine just brought some cookies for your birthday party, but no way was I sharing them with the guests. I promptly hid them away and have been enjoying them ever since. About a month after you were born, Aunt Lauraine sent me a box of those cookies. It was a day when I was sad and lonely, and those cookies were a gift from God. I might have eaten half the box as soon as the postman dropped them off. Then I hid them in the freezer trying to make them last a little longer, but that didn't stop me. They didn't last long.

When you are older I will make them for you.

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