Monday, September 15, 2008

daddy+amsterdam+again=sad face

Jackson, it's you and me again, buddy. Daddy's gone to Amsterdam to make another commercial. And just like last time, it's only been 4 hours, and we miss him already.

{images from Michael Karshis on Flickr, who writes: Ephemera Book Scan 001. This is the last page of this really sweet notebook I scored at an Amsterdam flea market back in 1997. This last page is filled with miscellaneous ephemeral items but the bulk of it is old sugar packets (late 1940's - early 1960's?) from train stations from throughout Holland.}

How cool is that?! Jon can you bring me back something like this?

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Honest Jon said...

Ha. Maybe if I ever get a second when I'm not working. We worked all day today. We just left the Czar office at 10:30 pm or 22:30 as they call it here. I miss you!