Friday, October 3, 2008

before and after

Jackson, while Daddy was away we managed to get a few projects done. Well, while you napped, I did. Most thrilling accomplishment? Recovering this red velvet Louis XV chair that Mimi and Nano gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I liked the red but feel the mattress ticking is a little younger and fresher, you know? I was inspired by this picture in Met Home (below).

Here's the before:

And the final outcome:

Inspired by:

Cross one thing off the to-do list!


prettywithribbons said...

Looks great! I love ticking and have that exact thing in mind for a chair of mine. Did you do that yourself?
PS I adore your apartment

chiara said...

Thanks! Yes, all by myself, with just a scissors, pliers, screwdriver, staple gun and hot glue gun.