Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

This year's card, and some of the comments in response:
that is amazing!!!!!!! he looks so freakin' cute and i love the costume {from Kate}

that is the cutest face, the cutest wolf, the most amazing cotton ball sheep on the planet!!

you're very cute! he's very cute!
I"m continually impressed by the things you get done.
lotsa love, lady, B

Dear Chiara,
I can't tell you how much I love this card! Its funny and charming, just like Jackson. Told your mom to make me a member of the Jackson fan club. The kid's got personality and it comes through in all his photos.Lots of love,

Chiara: Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Jackson the "cotton ball wolf" -- too precious for words. Keep them coming. Happy Helloween to you three. Love,Charlotte

omg! soo adorable! {from uncle}

and here's last year's card. How much you have grown!


abigail said...

I still have last year's card up on my kitchen bulletin board but printed and put up this year's yesterday. I'm not taking last year's down, though. I like it too much!!

chiara said...

that's because he's wearing the most adorable little brown bear suit ever created!