Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 minutes and 48 seconds

Time it takes for you to walk by yourself, up three flights of stairs ~ including stopping to stare at the wall for 12 seconds, stopping to tap the top of each newel post, and time lost insisting that we live on the 2nd floor, in the apartment directly below us.


Honest Jon said...

Don't worry buddy. Sometimes I get confused about which floor we are on too. I"ve gone all the way to the top floor before noticing I missed our apt.

Misguided Mommy said...

so to unblock the kid....

using either a thermometer or qtip lube up the end with vasaline. Then insert it in like you are taking their temperature and slowly move it side to side up and down. 98% of the time they will poop while the thermometer is in them. I like the thermometer best since it kind of limits how far in you can go.

also...1 tbsp sugar disolved in 1 tbsp water will also help them get soft and prevent it in the future.

i did the thermometer the first time and 8" of poop came out.