Tuesday, November 11, 2008

poor baby

Buddy, you're not feeling so well right now. I hope you get better soon.


Honest Jon said...

Just so you remember that you have the best Mama: She got up ever hour last night to breast feed you because you would croup cough yourself awake then cry until she got you.

nikki said...

feel better cousin jackson! love sammy mac

carolemania said...

Bebe said

Hope you are better BECAUSE I am terrified you won't come to see us. I am soooo excited about tomorrow, I can't wait.

I know you will be better because you are strong and will fight this bug a boo away.

see you soon
xoxo Papi and Bebe

chiara said...

I'm so excited that your bebe has learned how to leave comments! that is awesome! yay bebe! you're so computer-savvy!