Friday, January 9, 2009

baby's first word

I am officially entering, for the record, that your first word is LION. Pretty impressive, no? You can also say Mama, Dada, owl, off, up and eat.

Yes, you really did say Dada first, but I prefer to remember it this way.

{Photo from flickr. There is a whole pool called "retro lions," believe it or not!}


Honest Jon said...

This is so not right. You've been saying Dada for months. And you say a bunch of other things like "uh oh, and oooh oooh" cuz thats what a monkey says. You like to practice saying your entire vocabulary first thing in the morning when I'm changing your diaper.

chiara said...

yes, but ut oh and oooh oooh don't really count as first word. and all kids say dada first.

nikki said...

whatever... so quickly does everyone forget that auntie nikki taught him truck over vacation. please a little credit where it's due. ;) even if chiara never heard him say it