Wednesday, March 25, 2009

thank you

Amanda, Kate, Michael and Gwyn, Brett, Hayden and Gael, Abigail and Steven, Mom.
And Carole, Ev, Nikki, Darin, and Sammy - no pic, since we devoured it all already.
They are all so beautiful and make me happy.


nikki said...

get strong and well soon chiara, we love you and sending big hugs and prayers. xo nikki darin and sammy

abigail said...

get lots of rest, we'll see you soon!

Steven said...

So happy to here you are back home. We are looking forward to seeing you

Honest Jon said...

arrrrhhh! who took those pics? You are supposed to be in bed!

chiara said...

Jackson took them.

Besides, I didn't pull out a backdrop and set up scenes like I wanted to so just hush!