Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guest blogger - Jon Milott

Hey all
We had a fun long day. Jackson even skipped his nap. He got a little delirious towards the end and tried to go to sleep on a bench. He looked like a mini hobo.
First we went to a concert. It was a benefit for the Children's Museum. Chiara's brother got us tickets, since he works there. We didn't know what to expect but were happy to hear Sammy's favorite song, "5 4 3 2 1 Blast off." We wish Sammy had been there with us.
After the concert we stepped outside expecting crappy weather but were happy to find a beautiful sunny day. Since we were by Central Park, we decided to walk through it and of course we stumbled upon an amazing playground. After some fun in the biggest sandbox in the world, we watched some horses go by. Jackson waved at them all and there were a lot of them.
From there we went to this famous burger joint called.... "the burger joint." It's this funny little place that only serves burgers, fries and beer. Darin would love it. It's tucked away inside a fancy hotel but its not fancy and a total mad scene even at 4 in the afternoon. At this point we were exhausted and were sure Jackson would pass out on the subway, but he was too excited to ride the train. He calls it "choo, choo". Then back in Brooklyn we had to go to the park again. That last picture is Jackson dancing on a huge metal box, since that is what kids play on in the city.

Love JON


abigail said...

sounds like the best day ever.

chiara said...

ps when jackson says train, it's more like "doot doot"