Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy birthday, gael!

Gael, we want you to know how much Jackson loves you. A few ways we know:

1. he wears the clothes you give him, and he'll wear other clothes we want him to wear if we tell him they're from gael.
2. every time I ask him who's coming to visit, he says Gael, no matter if I've just told him someone else is coming over.
3. he cries when we leave you
4. he waits at the window if you are coming over for a playdate

we wish you the happiest 2nd birthday in the whole world!!!

Chiara Jon and Jackson

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brett said...

Now that I've discovered the comment button, I just wanted to say that Gael loves you so much, too, Jackson.
You guys are great buddies, and I look forward to years of watching you grow side by side. Love, Mama Brett