Monday, May 4, 2009

parle italiano

Mimi, Nonno, Uncle Michael and Auntie Gwyn are going to Italy this summer for a big family reunion. BIG.

Of course, they will be gone right when the baby is due.

I will not make them feel guilty about their decision to leave me. They've already done so much for me. I will be fine.

Excuse me while I go cry now.

When I stop crying, I should get them these vintage Italian flash cards.


abigail said...

Veniamo ad autarti e a giocare con Giacson.
and Steven'll teach him some italian while we're at it.

abigail said...

that last one translates to, we'll come and help you and play with Jackson!
I especially like how Steven suggested I spell Jackson in italian.

chiara said...

Giacson! I love it.

Mary Lou said...

Now find a nice Italian name for the next one!