Sunday, July 26, 2009

bedtime routine, 24 month old

1. jammies and brush teeth
2. doot doot movie on jon's iphone (see above)
2a. beg for more movies
3. read books (current favorites= this one, this one)
4. "ing ongs"
5. get in crib, cover up with white blankie
6. night light on
7. mama comes in for two songs ("freight train song", "love song")
8. repeat 4x: "no bees, no flies"


Honest Jon said...

you are missing the latest stall tactic between 4 and 5: sleeping in my arms for a few minutes while he tries to tickle me all the while pretending to be asleep. he calls this "eep on dada" or sleep on dada. I like it because its an extended hug.

Michael said...

that train movie shure put me to sleep