Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tugboat Battle Royal! - by Guest Blogger Jon Milott

We didn't get a picture, but the losing tugboat usually explodes.
Jackson loved watching the boat battles so much we literally had to
drag him away to get to the
Shake Shack before it got too late. We
had some great burgers, fries and shakes after only about 30 minutes
in line. Jackson threw some pennies in the fountain on the way to the
playground in the park where Cade fought off the cute compliments.
The best part about doing things in the city on big holiday weekends
is no traffic. We whizzed around to all our activities and found
parking spaces too! Family fun day = success.


abigail said...

sounds like a lovely day, but not for the losing tugboat. They really explode?

Honest Jon said...

Yeah. Like a really big explosion with laser beams!;)

nikki said...

we want to go!

chiara said...

ha ha . look at that pretty outfit we put jackson in that day! that cracks me up.