Friday, October 2, 2009

happy three-months, baby Cade!


There are moments when I look at you and I am just blown away by how much love I have for you, by how much I want to keep you safe always, by how happy I am that you are here. I feel like I could just stare at you for hours in amazement. I feel like you have always been with us. I feel so lucky that you are perfect in every way.

There are also moments when I feel like I have never done this before, and I wonder if I am doing it right. Although this time, we're so much more confident, it seems I can't remember what having a baby was like just two short years ago. I feel like Jackson has always been the little toddler that he is now. My memory is gone, but thankfully I don't need any experience or prior knowledge about how to hold you and cuddle you and squeeze you and love you.

When you smile and gurgle and coo first thing in the morning - that - that makes everything in the whole world disappear and melt away.

Happy 3-months, little munchkin.


{photo from One Girl Cookies (mmm)}

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