Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning I was sick in bed. Jackson waited patiently, sitting by his presents, until I was able to get up around 10:00 am. Can you imagine waiting that long for your Christmas presents when you were 2?

He loves his automoblox from Uncle Michael and Auntie Gwyneth, his TWO Hess trucks with airplane and race cars, his J train, his I am a Bunny book from Auntie Kate, his trains and books from Auntie Nikki and Uncle Darin, his Lincoln Logs (to scale) from Auntie Abigail and Uncle Steven, and everything else he got. Thank you, everyone!


abigail said...

whoa! that little guy's got patience!

I love the new header- good to see both boys smiling faces up there. :)

chiara said...

I know, finally!