Wednesday, January 6, 2010

happy 6 months baby cade!

Dear Cade,

A belated happy 6 months to you! Can hardly believe it. You are growing like a weed. Bigger by the minute. And so much more active now. Squirming, rocking back and forth, spinning around like a little breakdancer. You have a whole floor routine you do, like a gymnast. I say it's only a matter of days before you figure out how to crawl. You are still spitting up quite a bit. Soon, I'll start you on some baby cereal. Soon, we'll start to sleep train you too. Because quite frankly, as much as I love holding your hand, it's a little hard to do from 3:30 - 5:30 am. We've had to cut your bangs AGAIN. Your hair grows fast! You don't like to be put down on your back. And you let us know it too. You don't like to go to sleep either. You really fight it. Poor Dada's back must be broken from the swinging he's been required to do to get you to sleep. Abdominal workout. You are still the cutest little guy, which makes it very hard to be upset with you when you are screaming. And I mean SCREAMING at the top of your little lungs.

Anyway, happy half-birthday, little buddy. We love you so.



abigail said...

what?!?!?! already?

happy half birthday little guy!

nikki said...

happy 1/2 bday baby cade! you are so precious! we love you!