Thursday, February 11, 2010

happy birthday, bebe!

to the best, sweetest, funniest, lovingest, most wonderful bebe ever!
we love you. happy birthday!


Sue C said...

Chiara, I haven't looked at the blog in ages. Wow, the boys have grown. And a new house!!!!???? Wow, what wonderful news. The backyard looks so great. Where is it? Sue Carswell

carolemania said...

Hi Chiara, Jon, Jackson and Cade,

Thank so much for the lovely message and great present. I opened my front door late last night and I was delighted to find the gift. Love the photo of the boys the Merritt Island Kitchen.
Wish I could put it in my pocket book and carry it around. BUT instead I have this incredible Valentine's card...I am still laughing at these two kids crying 'we heard you wouldn't be our valentine' . OMG. How did you ever think of this.
Thanks again.

xoxo BEBE

abigail said...

so cute!

nikki said...

happy birthday bebe! that is the cutest message ever! xo