Monday, May 24, 2010

happy birthday, buddy!

Dear Jackson,

Three years! You have three years now. I can't believe it. Especially when I look back and see just HOW LITTLE YOU WERE ONE YEAR AGO!

This past year has been a huge growth period for you. You became a big brother! How amazing is that? I know it's been a challenge having someone here who takes your toys, moves into your room, and takes your mama's time and attention. Just know that you are still my baby, and you always will be (just like Nonno still tells me I'm still HIS baby).

You've also learned how to negotiate, talk back a little, and sometimes cry a lot. When you cry a lot, it reminds me that in the grand scheme of things, you are still a little new to this world. I think because Cade is a real baby we expect you to be all-of-a-sudden all grown up.

We've moved to a new house where you have your own little room and a backyard to play in. You miss the old house, I think, because whenever we drive over by there, you say, "We go to the red house, Mama?" (red meaning brick).

Your vocabulary is growing overnight - I think because of the books we read you every night. My favorite word you say right now - Massachusetts. Might be the cutest thing you've ever said. I also like it when I ask you if you cried when we cut your hair (with the clippers) and you say, " a litt-le bit."

Happy Birthday Jackson. You make me so incredibly happy. I love you forever.



abigail said...

yay Jackson!

Jon said...

Happy Birthday! You are officially not a baby anymore! I think we can start playing video games together, but I better check with Mama first.......

Steven said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!