Friday, July 30, 2010

big boy underpants time

For the record, Jackson is about 80% potty-trained. We've been taking it slowly. It's been relatively easy and I think my unusually (for me) laid-back attitude has helped. I don't know why there are shelves and shelves of books about potty-training, though, which makes me think I just got lucky with Jackson. I think it helps that he only goes to the bathroom about 3 times a day.

image here.

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carolemania said...

OMG....I didn't call you on your Birthday. I was in Florida and just came home and sorry. When I go away, I think my brain does too.

You are too young to be any more than 25... and I love your hair.

Hooray for Jackson being a big boy. You are so right. When the time is right, the kids do their thing. The boys are getting so big. What fun.

Again you are right about the summer being the hottest I can ever remember. It was pretty hot in Florida too.

Looking forward to our last fling of the summer in Jamestown.

xoxo BeBe