Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 1st birthday, baby!

Dear Baby Cade,

One year ago you came into our lives on your due date of July 2nd. I was certain you were going to be late, but now that I see you and your sheer determination, I am not surprised at all that you came when you did.

You are the most beautiful baby, and people continually tell me what a good-looking kid you are (proof, should anyone need it, here). You are sweet when you want to be, with the sweetest little smile I have ever seen.

You are a wonder to me, everyday I look at you and shake my head in amazement. You climb where Jackson was content to just sit. You scream when Jackson was content to just ride in the carseat. You squirm when I change you while Jackson would complacently just lie there. You've let me know that you are not anything like Jackson, and this has surprised me, and has kept me on my toes.

Yesterday you fell out of the swing at the playground. My heart nearly stopped beating and I ran to you and picked you up. Within a few minutes you were looking around, your own curious self, ready to squirm out of my arms to get where you wanted to go. By the way, you fell out because you were trying to stand up in the swing. With no hands. While it was swinging. Exactly.

The truth is you are a handful. This year has been hard for me. But really, really I wouldn't have it any other way. You are such a blessing in our lives. You make me smile everyday. The way you say "Mama" and then look at me to make sure I heard you and that you said it right, the way you cling to me like a little monkey, holding on with your knees as well as your arms, the way you sit in the stroller with your leg propped up on the back - that, that just melts my heart in two.

Happy Birthday, Baby Cade. I love you so much.



abigail said...

happy birthday Cade! we love you.

Steven said...

Happy birthday little guy!

nikki said...

baby cade! happy birthday! seems like yesterday we saw you in the hospital when you were just born! you'll be playing with the big boys soon! we love you so much!