Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"i'm getting bigger"

Last week, late at night, we heard Jackson crying. We went in to find him saying, "I'm getting bigger!" He was trying to say he was too big for his crib and was ready for a big-boy bed (after spending the weekend in Sammy's big-boy bed).

So he's in a big-boy bed, and out of the crib. This means he is free to get out of bed when he wants in the morning. I have to say it is pretty sweet to hear the door knob turn and hear him poke his head in to see if we are awake yet. Also sweet was this morning when I found him in Cade's crib, after he put in some books and toys for the both of them to play with.


nikki said...

wow! so big! i want to see pictures! it all sounds good, is it? just what i figured after sammy's bed. so exciting though! xo

Jon said...

I was sneaking out to the gym and Jackson must have heard me cuz I saw him poke his head out. He woke up Cade who started crying, so Jackson turned around to and said "it's ok, Baby Cade." which is what I always say to soothe him.

Anonymous said...

the new bedroom has shelves just like the old or is this the old room?
Aunt jane

chiara said...

this is the new room. michael built the shelves in a little corner of unusable space.