Thursday, July 8, 2010

jackson's 1st camp

Tuesday, Jackson started camp at his new school. He wasn't so into it. He cried a lot. When I picked him up, his teacher said he had worn his sunglasses and backpack all day.

He was ready to leave the minute he got there.

Wednesday was a little better. This morning, again, he didn't want to go, on account of "Too much kids."

Hopefully he's having fun as I post this.


abigail said...

:( poor Jackson. I'm sure he'll get used to all the kids soon and have fun.
Is Gael there with him?

chiara said...

yes, thank GOd, otherwise I would have to pry his fingernails off my body at drop-off

abigail said...

Then I'm doubly sure he'll feel better soon.
Too much kids is a hard thing to get used to!!!!

btw, my mom called and said she still has my hate mail from camp. at least Jackson can't write yet!!