Monday, September 20, 2010

cue horror music now

From guest blogger Uncle Darin, an account of one night from our family vacation in Rhode Island:

So I decided to sleep on the couch downstairs. Since, in our small family, two separate houses and nineteen bedrooms is not nearly enough room for each adult to secure a bed. Actually I had a bed but my bunkmate [Jackson) had already turned in for the night, and my alarm was set for 5:45 am. Not wanting to awaken my fine nephew early, I retreated to the couch, CNN and a budlight.

I awoke 2 minutes before my alarm went off. It was one of those deepest of sleeps, interrupted by instant eye opening full awake-ness at 5:43 am. I open my eyes and there is Jackson standing at the foot of the couch staring intensely at me. I stopped breathing and within a moment my heart started beating again. It was like a bad scene out of "The Sixth Sense", but instead of dead people "I see Jackson".
Thanks, Uncle Darin. Hopefully something like that will never happen again.


Jon said...

Darin, Just be glad it wasn't Cade because he probably would have been staring at you from atop the bookshelf right before he did a ten foot elbow drop to your groin.

nikki said...

every time i think of this it makes me laugh!