Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When I was pregnant with Cade, I had this vague notion that we would be getting another little Jackson.


The two of them are nothing alike. It's crazy to see.

Jackson will lie on his stomach and read a book for 25 minutes while Cade motors around the room. Jackson will s-l-o-w-l-y eat his dinner, stopping to just sit there and look at his surroundings, while Cade shovels everything in as fast as he can (I wonder where he gets that,hmm). Jackson will sleep through a tornado, albeit with his light AND a nightlight on, while Cade pokes his head up if I WALK THROUGH HIS ROOM at night. HE sleeps in the dark. Jackson is very delicate - the slightest pressure on his body will cause him to scream, "That hurts me!", while Cade has fallen on his face more times than I can count, and he usually gets up and just keeps on going.

This movie pretty much sums of their differences of temperament. Jackson is calmly drawing his train track, while Cade furiously scribbles back and forth. You can also even see a perfect example of Jackson crying, "That hurts me, Cade."

Oh brothers.


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sammy said, cade wasn't being nice. oh boy. they are so different and we love them both so very much for who they are! xxxooo

abigail said...

hard to believe they were ever that little...