Thursday, October 14, 2010

a project two years in the making

Every month, we took a picture of Jackson and Cade, lying on their back, in their diaper, in their crib. I printed out the date on a small piece of paper and put it in the crib with them.

I had made a small book documenting Jackson's growth with 3"x 5" photos. I also just made one with Cade's.

I had some wallet size photos printed and finally framed them, in chronological order. It is so cool to compare Jackson and Cade each month, and to see how much they changed from newborn to infant.

My favorite picture is Cade's last one. He refused to lie down. And he is holding the date sign in his mouth.

It's perfect.

PS. I am missing one of Jackson's monthly photos because it got left on the computer at MSLO when I left. Such a bummer.

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abigail said...

I love that last photo, and all the photos. So great.