Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This year Jackson wanted to be a wolf-bot (head of a wolf, body of a robot). Unfortunately, his costume (box covered in tin foil), was not that comfortable, so it lasted all of 7 minutes. Fortunately, Amanda suggested he turn into Teen Wolf for trick-or-treating, so we put on a numbered shirt and a sport-like sweatshirt. No one was the wiser, and in fact it didn't really matter because he did not want to say trick or treat, or get out of his stroller, and about 6 blocks into it was crying, cold and miserable.

The trick was on Mama this year! Ha ha Mama! You tried!

Maybe next year will be better. Or the next year.

Or the year after that.


carolemania said...

Ha ha...I wish I could find Jon's costume at that age made by his own creative father except it was in Sidi Bel Abbes Algeria instead of New York and guess what, I remember Jon felt the same way after 7 minutes.. Amazing that the costumes were similar in shape.. I really enjoyed this and I am sure his father will.


abigail said...

I don't think Halloween is fun until 5 or so. It's a bit weird to knock on strangers doors and have them give you food.
It's an awesome costume though. my favorite part is the JXSN0525.
And it's a good thing his super strong brother was around to push him in his stroller.