Sunday, December 5, 2010

stockings are hung

They look a little lonely on the banister. I wish I had about 32 ft. of Douglas Fir garland to wrap around it.

Like this:


carolemania said...

Little late on the Thanksgiving comments. But the food looked fabulous and loved what the boys ate for dinner. Funny the kids don't know what they are missing and only get it when they are teenagers......
Will share stories.

The kids look so grown up ... I can't wait to see them soon and missed all of you during Thanksgiving.

would love to see photos of Gwen and Michael's new home.
Hugs and kisses to all of you.


abigail said...

I love it!
what are you going to put in their stockings? i'm looking for ideas for Colin, Declan and Riley. (aside from LEGOS.)

chiara said...

I don't know! I haven't gotten that far in my head. Probably things they can play with on their plane ride to Florida.

AbbieBabble said...

Oh, but they look so festive! They're lovely!