Thursday, January 13, 2011

christmas re-cap, a little behind schedule

Christmas morning was a blast. It was the first Christmas that Jackson actually 'got' it. He was pretty excited for Santa to come. We left out milk and cookies, although he adamantly did not want to leave the cookies he had made with Mimi that afternoon. We settled for leaving some other cookies out. We got into the living room around 8, I think, and spent the next hour opening presents. We were lucky to have Great-Grammy and Great-Aunt Jane with us on Christmas morning too.

First, we opened stockings:

Then Jackson got a giant snowglobe:

And Cade got a matching little one:

Jackson opened his giant wooden fire house, and Cade promptly perched himself on top of it:

When he got down, he got right on his NEW SCOOTER!:

Then, a little time to play with all the new toys before Church:

Next up, time to get dressed for mass:

After Church we got in the car and went to Cousin Leila's, where Jackson saw nothing wrong with wanting to eat the whole bowl of mints. Dinner was fantastic!

Here is a video of when we first walk into the living room. My favorite part is when Nonno walks up the stairs holding a banana and a pasta pot (?).

Then Jackson and Cade fell asleep in the car on the way home and it was perfect.


Steven said...

We still have our Christmas tree up!
and thank you for the gifts. mmmm...marsh mellow brulé So good. the crust up with the torch right in the cup of hot cocoa!

nikki said...

i love the suit jackets!