Monday, January 17, 2011

first drawing of a face

So it seems, artistically, Jackson has entered the "Pre-Schematic Stage:"
* Announced by the appearance of circular images and lines which seem to suggest a human or animal figure.
* During this stage the schema (the visual idea) is developed.
* The drawings show what the child perceives as most important about the subject.
* There is little understanding of space - objects are placed in a haphazard way throughout the picture
* The use of colour is more emotional than logical
Also, please note the "boogers in the nose."


Jon said...

What stage is Cade at?

a) Disordered - uncontrolled markings that could be bold or light depending upon the personality of the child. At this age the child has little or no control over motor activity.

The personality aspect plays into Cade's art.

Jon said...

FYI - When I asked Jackson who he was drawing, guess what the answer was...... SAMMY!

StephLove said...

It's fun when the drawings start to get realistic (well, sort of). It happened all of a sudden with my daughter last winter, scribble, scribble, scribble, then ladders, lots of ladders when she realized she could draw perpendicular lines, then people, people and more people, dozens of drawings every day.

Michael said...

Awesome! I thought it was Jon, till i read the fyi

Mary Lou said...

Looks like Jon's hair.

Jon said...

Michael and Mary Lou - I'm going to take your comments as a compliment....?

nikki said...

sammy! i love it, sammy actually has a similar style of drawing.