Saturday, January 8, 2011

plane ride - by guest blogger Jon Milott

this is Cade being good, but there are some funny things to note:
you can see Chiara is actually restraining him.
he finally wiggles away at the end.
he has a huge dried mango in his mouth.
Look at how unhappy chiara is.
Jackson is sitting peacefully content in the foreground.
He starts pushing the buttons at the end.
Imagine 4 hours of this along with screaming, crying, eating, drinking and a poopy diaper
change in the plane bathroom.

Yay! Good times!


nikki said...

classic for short from now on!

abigail said...

Chiara's face makes me want to cry she looks so frustrated!
you guys need a private plane. ;)

Mary Lou said...

You have to admit- he sure is cute. Nonnojac