Monday, February 28, 2011

Cade's first movie

Did you know Charles and Ray Eames made movies? You thought they just made chairs, right?  Me neither, but they did, and we went and saw some of them at the Cobble Hill Cinemas' Big Movies for Little Kids. I guess it was officially Cade's first movie in a theatre.

It was pretty much the disaster that I'd expected - Cade wouldn't sit still, Jackson wouldn't sit in a seat by himself because it kept folding in on him, yet he wouldn't sit on the booster seat either, Cade had a dirty diaper so we all went to change him (with no changing table in the restroom but that's another story), and the minute we got back to our seats Jackson announced HE had to go to the bathroom.

Anyway, at least Cade enjoyed the popcorn that he picked up off the floor where Jackson had dropped it all. And no one seemed to mind Cade screaming "MILK" on repeat.

And, it was not raining when we left the theatre. :)

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