Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a day in the life

Before I had children, I remember wondering what stay-at-home mothers did all day.  I didn't really consider that I would ever be one. I still wonder what I do all day. It's been a hard adjustment, and I'm still trying to figure it all out. Not that I ever will, I'm sure. Anyway, I wanted to make a list of a typical day because I KNOW in 2 years I won't remember the minutiae of everyday life. This is probably very boring to anyone else reading - it's really for Future Me. So, a typical day:
  • wake up, take shower and get dressed while jon reads with jackson and cade
  • go downstairs and make breakfast
  • eat, brush teeth, get coats, hats, shoes, scarves, mittens on
  • drive jackson to school - bring him upstairs to his Butterfly classroom with Cade
  • drive over to Trader Joes
  • circle block three times before finding a space RIGHT IN FRONT
  • take Cade to get free sample before beginning to shop
  • leave Trader Joes, unload groceries from stroller into car, then watch Cade run up and down ramp for 20 min.
  • force screaming Cade into car seat
  • drive home, double park, unload groceries onto front steps
  • back up and find parking place
  • get Cade and groceries inside
  • make Cade lunch while putting groceries in fridge and pantry
  • clean Cade up and take him upstairs for nap
  • put him down, go make our bed and gather laundry for downstairs
  • put laundry in washer
  • make myself lunch while cleaning up cade's mess from lunch
  • read and answer emails
  • vacuum
  • put our dinner in slow cooker
  • empty garbages from upstairs
  • wake Cade up from nap(sucks) and get him into his coat and shoes
  • get in car to go pick-up Jackson
  • get out with Cade, go upstairs to Butterfly room
  • get both boys back in car
  • drive home and get them inside
  • take off and put away coats, shoes, school papers
  • play trains and boats
  • read 5 Thomas the Tank Engine stories
  • make dinner for them
  • make salad for us
  • make Jackson's lunch for school tomorrow
  • put on Cars the movie
  • put out garbage and recylcing
  • feed and clean up after them
  • look online for dentist for Jackson covered by our insurance (not going well)
  • Jon comes home on the early side YAY
  • sit in bathroom for 20 minutes while Jackson goes to the bathroom
  • get them upstairs, in jammies, teeth brushed
  • read them stories, put them to bed
  • check emails
  • post on blog
  • eat dinner
  • and my favorite part of the day - watch one episode of Downton Abbey, my new favorite show
  • good night, I'm exhausted
  • oh wait - the day's not over:
  • wake up at 3 am to tell Cade to lie down no crying
  • wake up at 4 am to tell him again
  • feed him at 5:30 am


nikki said...

well, the good news is you squeeze a shower in! other than that just exhausting!xo

abigail said...

after reading this I watched an episode of downton abbey and I'm hooked!!
soooo good.

chiara said...

each episode gets better! the sad part is there are only 7 episodes. we are rationing them out for 'special' nights.

carolemania said...

Love this. Do you think we could do a new Reality Show. Many moms and dad will be relieved to see it happens to everyone else.
OR put it on UTube.