Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great-Grammy passed away. She was 96. She was the sweetest, most beautiful grandmother a girl could ever want.

Jon and I were married on her and Grandpa's wedding anniversary. They were married for an astonishing  75+ years.She had 5 wonderful children and 10 grandchildren. She had 4 great-grandchildren, all boys. She had twin sons and twin great -grand-sons. She knew how to crochet and I always asked her to teach me but I never learned because she was left-handed and her way didn't make sense to me. Even though she was left-handed, they made her learn to write with her right hand. She took us to the penny candy store on the Cape, which was AWESOME because growing up we weren't allowed to have sugar and we were lucky if we got a dried apricot for dessert.  She made the best birthday cakes, and coleslaw. We were pen-pals.  When I moved away to San Francisco she sent me autumn leaves because there was no fall there and I had told her I missed the New England fall. Sometimes she would write in secret code and I would have to hold the letter up to the mirror to read it. She also let us have sherbert in the summer, and introduced me to red jello with bananas and walnuts floating in it. She took our Kitty when Jackson was born because I was too scared and overwhelmed to keep him in Brooklyn. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to him, except that he had to change his name to Henry because Grammy couldn't remember that Kitty was a boy. So he became Henry and was loved like never before. Once she told me that her favorite flower was Bachelor's Buttons. I told her it should be Sweet William because Grandpa's name was William.

I think Jackson and Cade have a little bit of her bright blue eyes, and that makes me very happy.

I miss you Grammy.  We love you.

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carolemania said...

Wonderful photos. Wonderful memories. I am so sad for your loss. Great-Granny was indeed the most sweetest, beautiful lad.