Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day, Dada

Dear Dada, 

I love you because (tell me 10 things you love about Dada):

1. cuz I love him
2. because I know that he works at work
3. because I love to play with him
4. I love to play and go downstairs with him
5. he makes macaroni
6. fish game
7. i love it when you do airplane
8. when you read the thomas book to me
9. takes me to the store and we buy a toy
10. when I go to the playground with him  

That's it.


Dear Dada, 

(Do you love Dada?) Yus. 
(Do you like Dada to read to you?) Yus. Tho-mas. (What else?) Thomas. 
(What toys do you like to play with Dada?) Thomas. 
(What food do you like Dada to make you?) Cereal. Egg. Me too eat cereal egg. 
(What else do you like about Dada?) Cereal. 


Happy Father's Day, DADADADA! We all love you so much. You are the best father in the world, hands-down.

Also, because you let us do things like this, and Mama doesn't:

PS. We've always loved you.


An Artist and Teacher said...

very sweet, funny letters!

Jon said...

best fathers day ever!
thanks! I love my paintings!

nikki said...

happy father's day, jon! you are such an awesome dad!