Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday, baby Cade!


Happy birthday, Cade!

We were so lucky to celebrate with breakfast pancakes in the morning at Mimi and Nonnos, then cupcakes when we got to Auntie Nikki's and uncle Darins and cousin Sammys.

I can't believe you are really 2! I love you so much-you make me laugh out loud, you make me smile, you make me pull my hair out, and you make me want to squeeze you and eat you up all at the same time.

You are too cute for words, I swear:

Yesterday when we were driving in the car you coughed, paused, then we heard this little voice say, "'Scuze me."

Happy birthday baby!


abigail said...

oh no! I'm a bad godmother!
Happy birthday Cade! We love you!!!

carolemania said...

Baby more.

Cade is a big boy now and so cute. If Abigail is a bad godmother, I am a bad grandmother....But we did manage to celebrate all weekend with cupcakes and Sammy's House and the Fourth of July Parade and Sammy's house, the pool and Sammy's house and the water slide which was sooo much fun. It is great to see the three boys having such a good time. They are all growing up.
hugs to all

Jon said...

Cade is turning into quite the little mama's boy. He says excuse me after he coughs and makes sure every door is closed.... EVERY door! I love you Cade. Happy Birthday!

CountryMike said...

Happy birthday Cade!

nikki said...

cade, we had so much fun celebrating your 2nd birthday! we love playing and can't wait for jamestown!