Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jamestown, we miss you.

I'm still unpacking/recovering/adjusting back to Brooklyn life since our sunny week in Jamestown, Rhode Island (followed by an exciting and thankfully not bad Irene).

In the middle of uploading 1000 pictures. Yes, 1000. That's a lot of editing. But 'til then, here are a few favorites.

Cade bonded with Bebe:

If Jackson could have surgically attached himself to Sammy's side, he would have been happy to do so.
Anywhere Sammy goes, there too goes Jackson:

Jackson, Sammy and Cade = happy happy joy joy.
Uncle Darin caught two mice, but I don't have pictures of that.

1 comment:

carolemania said...

How did I miss these. Terrific time . Thanks for capturing these special moments. To be remembered forever.

It seems like Cade was just born and Jackson and sammy were enjoying their first ice cream cones on the porch in jamestown and then before you know it Cade is running
around with the boys and the next slide, the boys are another year older. These boys are growing way too fast.
yikes....I can' t get enough of these great shots.