Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tiger and werewolf!

We had so much fun trick or treating. Jackson was much more participatory this year. Cade screamed "Trick or Treating!!!" at every stoop. Jon met us on 8th Ave. We made our way back home, dumped out our candy, chose one each, then organized the rest of the candy in order of preference. "Then this one, then this one, then this one....."

Jon and I were exhausted when we got home.

Til next year!


Jon said...

Note for next year: No candy before bed! Cade was bouncing off the walls. I had him doing laps through the house to try to get out some energy.

Steven said...

I would like to see Cade do push-ups in that outfit.

a said...

me too.

Michael A said...

Tricker treating!!!! and a Candy Train!!! So cool. Those are awesome costumes. Great job! I want one for next year, Im thinking Bear with a muscle chest!