Monday, December 5, 2011

top ten names of 2011

I really didn't think we were so - what's the word - usual? average?

Jackson is #2 (what?!) and Caden (yes, slightly different, but still..) is #12.

Boys names are hard, I tell you.

Via A Cup of Jo, and see the list here.


Mary Lou said...

Well, thank goodness you didn't choose Alden!

bevy said...

My cousin just named her son Jaxon recently. I warned her it was too popular and he would end up as Jaxon S. in class. She didn't listen. But hey, it really is a great name! I've always liked it, but makes me wonder why it became so popular suddenly.

(Funny thing, this same cousin has a 13 year old daughter she named Cayden. Not so popular then, but well, you know how it is now.)