Friday, March 9, 2012


A good day - we received our acceptance letter for Jackson to attend PS10 for kindergarten next year.

There is a very complicated and nerve-wrenching process for getting into good schools in New York City. We're lucky to be zoned for PS10, but even still, I've had nightmares about what if we don't get in. As one of the better schools in Brooklyn, it's desirable, making entrance difficult. A few years ago, New York Magazine ran this article, beginning the rumor that it's harder to get into a good public school than it is to get into Harvard. And last year, we didn't get into Pre-K for Jackson (400 applicants for 36 spots!!), but please God let Cade get in next year (we have one advantage that he's a sibling, but no guarantee).

Also, it is four blocks away, and I can't wait til we can WALK THERE every morning!


abigail said...

Hurray! Hurray!! Wonderful news!

Michael A said...

Awesome school it has nice trees outside

bevy said...

wow, I can't believe it's that difficult to get in. But YAY for getting in!