Friday, March 23, 2012

Nonno's Retrospective

Jackson and Cade,

Your grandfather has been an artist and art professor all his life, and the weekend before last we got to Connecticut to see his Retrospective at Higgins Gallery at Western Connecticut State University.

The show included work from over 50 years. We saw paintings from the 60's! Can you imagine? I wasn't even born yet. You weren't even an idea yet!

Alberetti started his career at Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He continued to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a master’s degree before moving on to Arizona State University where he achieved a Master of Fine Arts. His work has been shown nationally and internationally through solo and group exhibitions. Alberetti’s work also has been featured in museums such as the Panama Museum of Art, the De Young Museum, The Pentagon, the Mattatuck Museum and the Aldrich Museum.

These pictures don't do the work justice - the paintings are deeply saturated, layered, sometimes soft, sometimes angular, always atmospheric, and always, to me, something you can just sit and look at for a long time, always noticing new things, new lines, new colors, and new textures.

What a pair of lucky boys you are to have such a creative and talented Nonno. It is one of the greatest gifts Nonno has given me - a love and appreciation, a need and propensity - to be creative. I hope that gene is passed on to you both, in whatever form. Maybe you will paint like him, maybe you will do sculpture like your grandmother, maybe you will do printmaking like your uncle. Maybe your creativity will take other forms, in building, for example, or helping others.

Nonno, I'm so glad we got to spend the afternoon with you last Saturday. I'm so proud and thankful to be your daughter. I'm glad the boys got to see the show, even if they don't remember it, and even if they  only remember riding their bikes and scooters around inside. Congratulations on a beautiful show. We love you.

Love, Mama


abigail said...

Such a beautiful show! And so wonderful that Jackson and Cade got to see it. I wish I could.


nikki said...

We wish we could have seen it too. Looks amazing! xo

Brett Erickson said...

I love seeing this. beautiful artwork by a beautiful father.