Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've long wanted to read chapter books to Jackson - I can remember my Mom reading Watership Down to us, among others. We started with Stuart Little (my old copy), and right now we're happily halfway through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Last night, Jon got to the part where Charlie finds the Golden Ticket and Jackson came running to the top of the stairs ~ "MAMA! MAMA! CHARLIE FOUND A GOLDEN TICKET!!" Then when Grandpa Joe starts jumping on the bed, Jon said they were jumping up and down around the room with excitement.

Jackson asked me to read another chapter before school this morning.

He's hooked.

It makes me happy just thinking about the pleasure they're getting from a book that I loved so much too.

PS. This is how excited I was to read to you, Jackson. I blogged about it in 2008.

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