Wednesday, October 17, 2012

jackson, past halloweens


We're hard at work on costumes for this year. I have to say, Jackson's always been pretty cute. This year we're taking a turn towards scary. Which is funny because Jackson is the most scaredy-cat kid we know. He can't even watch Nemo, the Muppet Movie, or The Little Engine That Could, without backing away from the TV in terror. In fact, we're already worried about trick-or-treating and his reaction to what's out there on Halloween. Hopefully, there will be no Walking Dead zombies out at 4:30 this year. We do have to walk by the Middle School on our way home. Could be trouble - wish us luck.

P.S. Cade in that last picture kills me.


Mary Lou said...

Good Night Moon

chiara said...

What was he scared of in that? I can't remember!

willowday said...

I feel real, US, Halloween when I see your adorable photos! (We live in Sweden, where we enjoy it, too; but are "teaching" Sweden how it's done - it is not a tradition) What adorable kids and costumes (and I have a deeper spot for them both: I nephew who's name is Cade and another who's middle name is Jackson! Who wouldn't have a happy life calling those names out every day!) Happy Halloween!