Friday, February 8, 2013

anxiety, attachment, transition

Jackson had a hard time adjusting to Kindergarten. For the first two months, he would clutch a picture of our family with him at all times. When that got shredded, Jon drew him a picture of each of us. When we started worrying about it, I had a pin made. He lost it and started carrying the picture again. We started a chart to reward him for not carrying it around school. I got him a new pin. He kept the pin pinned to his shirt but was also carrying around the picture.

Then one day he came home and announced, "I don't need the picture anymore."

And that was it.

I want to remember this, because there are many many times when I worry and fret about something and then, it's over. Run its course, been outgrown, and we're moving on to the next thing.

Whether it's only being able to fall asleep in the swing when he was a baby, to holding a ratty, tattered picture of us - Jackson, you make it though. I'm always so proud of you buddy. I love you.


shanon said...

This is beautiful in countless ways. I'm all teary now. :) said...

wish you wouldn't write vertically it is very hard to read that part! Aunt jane