Thursday, February 28, 2013


Jackson loves maps. He also knows where to go. He did not get that from me. (Remember the time I tried to drive from Connecticut to Saratoga Springs and ended up in Vermont? Or the time I drove from Saratoga Springs home to Connecticut via NEW YORK CITY? There was also the time I tried to take the bus from San Francisco to the airport and instead took a leisurely ride to San Jose? When I asked the bus driver for help, he turned around and announced to the whole bus, "This girl's trying to go to the airport!!!" Everyone had a good laugh. It was awesome.

This website turns maps into watercolors.  I thought it would be neat to print some out and hang them in his room.

Thanks, Aunt Jane, for the pinterest link!

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carolemania said...

That is so interesting on two levels. Your experience in getting lost mirror my two famous 'getting lost' times. One was when we moved to newton . I was 15 and had to take the 'T'' from Boston to Boston college in newton. . I ended up in Watertown . Help. But my very favorite was during my flying lessons, I had done my solo flight at Hanscom airport and just about to land when I was directed to not land but to fly out 5 miles as an air force plane needed an emergency landing. Yikes, no flight maps , no sense of direction , I really can't believe how I got back. Needless to say that was the end of my pilots career.