Monday, May 20, 2013

Re: questionaire‏ jonathan milott 10/05/11 To: chiara alberetti

In 2011, I sent Jon an email asking these questions:

if there was one word to describe our family, what would it be?
what is the most surprising thing about being a father?
what is your most humbling parenting moment?
proudest moment (you can't say when they were born)? favorite thing to do as family?

and these were his answers:

2. how fast time goes - they are not babies anymore
3. realizing that they are who they are and I can only be there and support them, rather than shape them. 4. The love the boys have toward me. The look on Cade's face when I get home from work expressing pure joy in seeing me. The genuine hugs Jackson give me.
5. Read. Draw. Rough house. Discover.

I'm stuck on #3. I love you Jon and miss you so much.

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