Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last week, Jackson had a school picnic for all the Kindergarten classes. Pizza, hot dogs, popsicles, hula hoops, bubbles, etc. Oh, and Face Painting.

The line was so long so I offered to help. In my head - -  How hard can it be? Plus, I have a Masters in Painting, for crying out loud.

Bite my tongue, I should have.

There's a reason people get paid to paint faces. It's actually not that easy. Add a hot, sweaty, squirming kid who doesn't want their face touched, and well....

I did a Pirate (sad), a SpiderMan (passable) and some flower/butterflys (OK) on girls. Then I tried to do a Black Kitty for Cade. (Cue the sad trombone).

He didn't seem fazed, and it was a struggle to convince him to wash his face before going to bed.

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nikki said...

oh crack me up!
i can picture it all in the 100 degree nyc pavement sun!